VbaPrime is a developer assistance tool that brings cutting-edge features to the Visual Basic Editor.

Auto-complete for faster coding

VbaPrime streamlines your coding experience by automatically completing common statements, adding closing brackets and double-quotes.

If you 'type over' a closing bracket, VbaPrime will automatically highlight the corresponding opening bracket. This is great for finding bugs due to mis-matched brackets.

VbaPrime's internal parser intelligently adds variable names at appropriate locations, such as in 'For statements'.

Finally, we all know that good code is tidy code, so VbaPrime preserves indentation so that your code is well laid-out.

VbaPrime is the next step in our mission to improve the VBA Development Experience.

Chris Spicer | Technicana

A Proper Task List for Visual Basic

VbaPrime Main Screen

VbaPrime upgrades the Visual Basic Editor with a fully-functioning task list.

  • Co-ordinate better with other developers
  • Add Reminders into your Code
  • Catalog your Reminders in One Window
  • Jump to each Reminder by double-clicking.

Adding a Reminder is as simple as adding a comment. Don't forget a coding task ever again!