Jumping to Code Reminders

Once you have set up reminders, VbaPrime offers a convenient way to jump directly to the line of code that contains the reminder.

This functionality is ideal for code reviews, as it allows developers to quickly jump to areas that they have marked for review.

Viewing your Reminders

Once you have reminders in your code, you can view them in the Reminders Window.

  1. In the Visual Basic Editor, use the Project Window to select the project you would like to search. Alternatively, open some code from the project you are interested in and that project will be automatically selected.
  2. On the Visual Basic Editor Menu bar, click on the VbaPrime menu and then click on Reminders.
  3. The Reminders window will now appear, displaying a list of reminders in the code.
    Reminders List Window
    Reminders List Window.

Jumping to a Reminder

Once the Reminders window is open, you can use it to jump to any of the reminders in your code. Simply select the reminder that you would like to view.

Code Selected by selecting a Reminder
When you select a reminder in the Reminders Window, VbaPrime will jump to its location in the code.

Sorting Reminders

You can sort the reminders by clicking on any of the headings. This will sort the reminders in descending order. Click again to arrange them in ascending order.

You can also rearrange the columns by clicking and dragging them to their new position.