The VbaPrime licensing system allows you to move your license from machine to machine. VbaPrime also provides a trial mode for exploring its features before you buy.

Trial Mode

When you install VbaPrime it starts a 30-day, fully featured trial. The trial period should allow you to fully explore VbaPrime’s features before making your purchasing decision.

Licensed Mode

To switch VbaPrime to licensed mode, enter a new key via the licensing window. You do not need to download any further software.

Find Information about your Licence

You can find information about VbaPrime’s license situation via the license window. To view the license window:

  1. Open up Microsoft Office and enter the Visual Basic Editor.
  2. Locate the VbaPrime menu on the main menu bar.
  3. Select Options, Licence from the VbaPrime menu
    Opening the VbaPrime licence window via the VbaPrime menu
    Opening the License Window via the VbaPrime menu.

Install a License

To install a license on a your computer:

  1. Open the Licence Window as described in Find Information about your Licence.
  2. Click on the Change Licence button. The Licence Activation window will appear.
  3. Enter your license key in the top field then click the Install button to the right.
    sing VbaPrime Licence Install Window to install a licence on your computer.
    Installing a License on your computer.

VbaPrime will contact Technicana's Servers to authenticate the license and authorise the computer to use VbaPrime.

Uninstall Licence

Sometimes you may need to move VbaPrime to another machine, for example if the first machine is being decommissioned, or you have a personal license and are moving to another client. It is important to uninstall the VbaPrime licence on the old computer to allow you to install it on the new computer.

To uninstall the license on the old computer, follow the steps described in Install a License, but click the Uninstall License button instead.

VbaPrime will then contact the Technicana servers to tell them that the license has been uninstalled.