1 Year

  • Autocomplete Code
  • Highlight brackets
  • Set Reminders
  • 1-year license


per user, per year


5 Year

  • All the features of VbaPrime
  • License valid for 5 years
  • Best value!
  • 18% saving


per user, for 5 years


These prices include our on-line discount. If you are a reseller or require an invoice, please contact us for a quote.

How long is the license for?

VbaPrime is licensed on a subscription basis. Your license will last for one, three or five years from your first activation, depending on which type of license you buy.

When your license key expires, you will need to purchase a new one.

Why did you Choose the Name 'VbaPrime'?

For a couple of reasons. Firstly it sounded cool in a kind of Transformers 'Optimus Prime' way. Secondly, we want it to be the primary software that VBA developers choose to install on their machine - hence 'VbaPrime'.

Who Processes my Credit Card Payment?

We use Avangate to process credit card payments. Avangate is a leading and trusted purchase fulfillment company that handles your payment and dispatches your license key.

We at Technicana do not receive or store your credit card details.

When Will I Get my License?

Once you've purchased your license, our automated systems will forward your license to you immediately.

Can I Move my License to Another Machine?

Yes. Simply deactivate the license on the old machine, then activate your license on the new machine. See our Licensing page for more information.

System Requirements

VbaPrime requires the following to run: