Setting up Code Reminders

With VbaPrime you can add comments to your code that will act as reminders. You can then use the Task List window to view these all of these reminders and quickly jump to their position in the code.

Adding Reminders

Reminders are simply comments in the code that start with certain prefixes. VbaPrime recognises the following list of prefixes by default:

  • FIX
  • TODO

To add a reminder, type:

  • an apostrophe to start the comment
  • a space
  • the prefix you would like to use
  • a colon (:)
  • the message that you would like to appear in the reminder.

Example Reminders

The following examples demonstrate some reminders you might use. You are of course able to write whatever reminder messages you like!

  • ' REVIEW: I think this code can be replaced in version 3.0.
  • ' FIX: This is where I made the change to solve the problem in the main algorithm.
  • ' TODO: Establish whether this date is correct.
  • ' UNDONE: I had to change this back until the data conversion is complete.

Multi-line Reminders

If your Reminder is particularly long, you may wish to spread it over several lines. To achieve this, add an underscore ('_') at the end of the first line to signal to VbaPrime that the Reminder continues to the next line. You can spread a Reminder over as many lines as you require.

For example:

  • ' TODO: This Reminder is very long _
    ' and so is spread _
    ' over several lines.