Version History

VbaPrime is always being worked on to make it a more useful tool. This is a list of the versions of VbaPrime and the new functionality in each one:

2.21.0, 9 July 2016

  • Reminders can now be spread over multiple lines.
  • Window no longer flickers when a Reminder is selected.

2.20.0, 25 Jun 2016

  • New button on the toolbar to open the Reminders window.
  • Added an icon to the Reminders menu item.
  • Reminders will now be highlighted after a single-click, rather than waiting for a double-click.
  • Fix to show the beginning of a long reminder, rather than the end.

2.19.0, 12 Jun 2016

  • Improved logging.

2.18.0, 20 Feb 2016

  • Improved the autocomplete functionality some more. VbaPrime now won't add a closing bracket when you type an open bracket, if there's code to the right of the cursor. This makes editing existing code more straightforward.

2.17.0, 2 Feb 2016

  • Improved the autocomplete. VbaPrime doesn't add double-quotes now if there's more code to the right of the cursor. This makes editing existing code easier.
  • Repaired the missing 'Refresh' icon on the Reminders window.


  • Support for three and five year licenses.


  • VbaPrime manual removed from the installer in favour of online documentation.
  • Link to online documentation added to the VbaPrime menu.
  • Updated EULA to cover export rules.